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CD-ROM «Radey Pogodin. Encyclopaedia of Creativity»

Year of production: 2002

Languages: Russian


Radey Pogodin: creation’s encyclopaedia: electronic recource / Leningrad region children’s library: Creatraid / Composed by L.V.Stepanova, M.N.Pogodina.- SPb.: Creatreid, 2002.
- Writer’s complete electronic works.
This collection includes all works by R.P.Pogodig from 1954 to 1993, and last story and 11 poems.
- R.P.Pogodin’s picture gallery. Collection includes 33 pictures.
- Fotos and documents from family’s archives about live and creation of Pogodin.
- Audio and video recordes keep image and voice of the writer.
- The radio-performances by Pogodin’s works with famous actors.

System requirements:

Pentium-166,32Mb,SVGA 800x600 16bit, Saund Card.CD-ROM 16x,WINDOWS 98.ME,2K

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