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CD-ROM «Ancient Kazan»

Year of production: 2002

Languages: Russian


Dedicated to Millenium of Kazan

“Ancient Kazan”


“Ancient Kazan” is a rather interesting history of the thousand-year city reproduced for the first time with multimedia means and covering the period from its birth till the time Kazan Khanate prospered and then declined.

Standing far apart from each other in content and time range the sections of history and culture “Ancient Kazan” and “tatart” phenomenon (the 90s of the 20th c.) – “Radiant Kazan” are nevertheless united by the philosophical notion of “Home”. In general this notion includes the expression of various sides of life of people, living on the same land, under the same sky and having kindred aspiration into the Future in their thoughts, images and feelings.

“Catalogue” represents full biographical information about 750 exponents shown in the CD programs. This list includes biographical references concerning 60 persons, given in the text.

Video-essay, video-excursions, slide-show and music, animation lead-ins to the sections and a whole animation block in ancient Bulgars’ mythology section accompany the original text of the multimedia.

Project technical characteristics:

Colorful pictures (JPG) 755

Original text (A4) 140

120 minutes of musical pieces (MP3)

31 video fragment (MPEG4) – 50 min

3 video excursions with an announcer’s and music accompaniment – 63 min

6 animated flash-fragments – 1,5 min

5 animated lead-in-presentations – 2,5 min

System requirements:

Pentium II, 128Mb, 32xCD-ROM, SVGA 800x600, 16bit, sound card , Windous 95 and later.

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