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The Multimedia educational program «Russian for the foreigners»
(http://www.dotsmedia.ru/mrl )

Year of production: 2002

Languages: English, Russian


The Media educational program
Russian Language for foreigners (Russian for the foreigners)
The practical manual represents a rate of Russian speech dialogue and is intended for the foreigners not having preparation on Russian and speech skills, requiring for activization.
The purpose of the manual - to help the pupil in deadlines to overcome psychological both language a barrier and to deduce them in sphere of real daily speech dialogue.
Tasks of the manual include work above improvement of a pronunciation and understanding of speech on hearing, expansion and ordering of a lexical stock used for audiorovaning, supervision and storing of the most typical blocks of daily speech dialogue.
The alphabet is supplied with features by Russian sound and intonational system in comparison with English, difficulties, directed on overcoming, of a pronunciation.
The dictionary of speech samples is supplied pictures and sound pronunciation of each word, that gives easy storing in the entertaining form.
Acquaintance of dialogue, the situations of dialogue, and also intensive rate for the businessmen are submitted in the form of dialogues supplied with parallel English translation. Their purpose(assignment) - detailed development of a subject, storing and development of automatism of switching from the English stereotypes of dialogue on Russian.
For practical study of Russian and the readings are submitted Russian bylins, jokes and fairy tales. The used idioms, frazeologizms and slang are separately submitted in pictures frequently.
The large dictionary section will help to study lexicon and grammar of difficulty and to help with spelling.
The author and founder of a rate – Galina Petrova. mrl@dotsmedia.ru
Media-support of the project - Information Group DOTSMEDIA.RU
Demo - version www.dotsmedia.ru/mrl

System requirements:

The processor Pentium or is higher, Windows 95/98
32 Mb RAM, 8õCD-ROM
The sanction of the screen: 800õ600,
MS Internet Explorer 5.x and is higher

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