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Baki Urmancheh Museum web-site project

Year of production: 2002

Languages: Russian, English, Tatar


Starting web construction whatever complex it might be a web-designer or a creative teamwork is bound to face a problem of creative search of the ways the things planned could be realized.
The many-sided and profound personality of the outstanding Tatar painter, graphic artist Baki Urmancheh, whose 105th anniversary has been celebrated this year, left a deep impression on the history of professional Fine Art of Tatarstan. It exerted a great influence on the artists of the Republic that followed as well as on the artists from remote places and regions of the Soviet Union. B. Urmancheh’s life way was difficult and even dramatic at times. It ran through many provinces and places – from Moscow and Kazan to the Republics of Middle Asia, the North, and Ukraine. He left fond memories of himself in the hearts of many people, and remains to be a patriarch for many artists, having paved the way for the next generations of Tatar painters to professional Fine Art.
B.Urmancheh Museum founded in 1998 exhibits 65 original works and 150 documents and photos. The memorial part where personal things of the artist are exhibited is reconstructed, and the real atmosphere in which B.Urmancheh was making his works is rendered.
Study of the materials concerning life and creative work of Baki Urmancheh, his works, visits to the exhibitions, seminars and conferences taking place in Kazan in 2002 helped the creative teamwork to find the form that embodied the quintessence of the planned project.

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