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Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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Database of the reference-bibliographic information. A series of CD-ROMs «Publications on culture and arts».

Year of production: 1997

Languages: Russian


Database of the reference-bibliographic information. A series CD-ROMs "the Literature on culture and arts" is issued since 1997. In a series disks on the following contents leave:

1. A polythematic Database for 1989 - 2001;

2. Culture. Cultural science;

3. Social-cultural activity in sphere of leisure;

4. Library business and the bibliography;

5. Museum business and protection of monuments;

6. The general questions of art;

7. The fine arts;

8. Music;

9. Aesthetic education;

10. Art as a whole.

Databases are created scientific-Information on culture and art (Informkultura) on the basis of an analytical list of receipts in the largest libraries of Russia. Databases include the published and unpublished documents on culture and art of Russia and foreign countries and contain besides the bibliographic description the summary or the abstract in volume up to 2,5 signs.

Search is fulfilled on main fields of the bibliographic description and a retrieval document image: on the truncatef words of titles and summaries, names of serial issuings, headings of the branch rubricator. authors, personnels and other personnels names, on sorts of documents, languages, years of issuing. Sequential search in any field of bibliographic recording is supported.

System requirements:

As the software oroginal development of the State scientific and technical library of Russia for a Windows''''95, a Windows''''98 and Windows NT is used. The software is intended for execution of search in bibliographic databases with the subsequents review and found of the retrieved documents.

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