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Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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Archaeological WEB Museum «Old Siberia Art»

Year of production: 1997-2002

Languages: Russian, English


The ancient art of Siberia is one of the most notable pages in the history of an unknown, mysterious and huge world of our ancestors, of which we still know far from everything, so it is full of secrets even nowadays. These covers thousands of petroglyths, stone monuments, decorations made of bone, stone, wood, birch skin, leather, metal etc. Our web-museum will introduce you to all kinds of ancient Siberian art and its original samples which span the period from Stone Age to Middle Age as well as to the history of discovery and study of the unique monuments. The reference information as well as an extensive bulk of archaeological objects, educational material for schools and high-schools and also popular lectures and excursions are given in three following sections of the web-museum: FUNDS - more than 1000 objects from various museums of Russia and some places of Siberia and Central Asia which are difficult to access (ancient and Middle-Age art). ON-LINE LECTURE SERIES - on-line lectures and expositions, prepared by well-known scientists. REFERENCE BOOK - scientific-referential and history-culturological information on archaeology, history and art.

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