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Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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Individual data bases

Languages: Russian, English


We would like to suggest you necessary infortation about a wide variety of enterprising, organizations and firms:
- according to your and accordance with their professional vacillate (23 market sectors, 29 branches, 225 subbranches)
- geographical position (164 countries, republics, areas and regions of Russia and CIS)
- production or service (12000 kinds of goods and services)
- the form of the property
- kind of export-import activity
- to the year of it’s foundation
- to the amount manufactured goods
- to the amount peronell that means that the range of the suggested of information is rather wide (up to 19 different points): names and adresses as well as the information of quantity, price of the goods. The information level depends directly on the aims of use of this individual data.
Period of compiling the individual data base is up to 24 hours. The individual data base could be presented either in printed or on discs, and CDs. The delivery is available by post or agency curiers.
The information is precise up to 95-97%. It is provided by the independent sources and you can check up. The information directly at the places. The truthful information is the guarantee of all the losses of your business time.
Participation in all Moscow and most of the regional exibitions provides continuous flow of the latest information.
The anonymity of the claim and individual choice is guaranteed.

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