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Presentation CD-ROM «Kyiv»

Year of production: 2001

Languages: Ukrainian, English


The main goal of CD-ROM "Kyiv" is presented Kyiv as capitals of Ukraine, as capitals of Kyivan Russ, as scientific and cultural center.
The information on this CD consists of following main sections, which are accompanied by the conforming video and music:
1. "Kyiv - the capital of Ukraine" contains the general information on city (symbolic of Kyiv, geographic position, population, religion, official holidays, sisters city), and also information on a state and urban authority. Subsection "Ukraine" - mini-encyclopedia about our country.
2. "History" presents Kyiv as sacred center Kyivan Russ, which was derivates in Europe in ²Õ century and which one possesses a central place in a history of East Europe as center of orthodox Christianity. The main historical events are in the chronological order. Also in this section the lost temples of Kiev are shown. Very interesting is subsection "Creators of Kyiv''s history".
3. "Science and economics" contains the information about a general condition of science and economics in Kyiv. The information on an Academy of sciences of Ukraine and universities is presented in detail. The economics presented by an industry, building, transport. The history of an advancement of science and industry contains gallery of the outstanding figures of this direction.
4. "Attractiveness of city" offers to make virtual walk by aged streets of Kyiv. And also will acquaint to architectural monuments, temples, music.
5. "Cultural center" introduces the information on national traditions, museums, theatres, national suits, sports, and also gallery of the eminent figures of culture. For wishing to visit of Kyiv in a subsection "Tourism" there is indispensable information.
Welcome to Kiev!

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System requirements:

PC - 200 and more, RAM - 64 MB and more, HDD - free space 100 MB, sound card, speakers, Win 9õ/2000/XP

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