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Complex Information Library System "MARK-SQL"

Year of production: 1999

Languages: Russian


CILS “MARK-SQL” provides complex automation of all library processes: literature acquisition, creation and maintaining of an electronic catalogue, systematization, processing of incoming issues, reference-information services, service to readers, library stock registry, inter-library loan.

CILS “MARK-SQL” function under WINDOWS 95/NT/2000 operating system in “client-server” architecture. CILS “MARK-SQL” provides access to MS-SQL, Oracle, Sybase SQL Anywhere via ODBC-drivers.

CILS “MARK-SQL” consists of five AWP: “Administrator”, “Cataloguer”, “Acquisition”, “Search”, “Circulation”.

The system performs export/import into basic communicative formats USMARC, UNIMARC, RUSMARC.

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