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CD-ROM «The Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg. History, Palaces, Collections»

Year of production: 1999

Languages: Russian


The State Hermitage is one of the world’s oldest and largest museums. Its palaces, with their remarkable architecture, house nearly 3 million works of art. The museum’s collections cover several thousand years of art history, in fields as different as painting, sculpture, the graphic arts, archeology and the decorative arts.
With nearly 200 masterpieces, including 101 exceptional paintings and a splendid collection of Scythian objects, this CD-ROM leads you on an interactive visit of the collections (painting, sculpture, art objects and watercolors) and buildings that make up the Hermitage. A series of historical accounts complete the visit.
Numerous tools are available to the user: animations, magnifying glass, functions that analyze the works, index, album. An interactive guide will lead you round and you can send an electronic postcard through Internet.

System requirements:

CPU: Pentium-75 and higher,
RAM: 16MB,
CD-ROM drive: 4x,
Display: SVGA High Color (32K or 65K colors),
Sound card: MPC 16 bit,
Speakers or headphones,
Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me.

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