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CD-ROM/CD Audio «The Kizhi Museum»

Year of production: 2002

Languages: Russian


The disk on one of the largest museums of the traditional peasantry culture of Russian North presents unique in their beauty and magnificence cultural monuments of Zaonezhie and Kizhi Island – the gem of the world cultural heritage.

“The guidebook” will supply you with detailed illustrated information on various activities of the Kizhi museum/ In this section, you can also read about the history of Karelia, find information on each piece of the wooden architecture. Table of contents and maps-layouts conveniently navigate you throughout “The Guidebook». The Glossary will help you to interpret unclear terms of the wooden architecture.

If you prefer to get new material in the form of a game we recommend you to use the section “Excursion”. You can take part in the interactive multimedia excursion in the main exposition of the museum – “Russians of Zaonezhie”. This tour is one of the most famous and popular among thousands of tourists visiting the island every summer. During the tour you cannot only hear the comments of our guide but also you can list catalogues of the museum collections, test your knowledge answering questions. The tour is accompanied by pleasant surprise – the performance of the museum’s folklore theatre, bell ringing, and carpenters- restorers working on the site.

A beautiful slide-show will help you to feel the atmosphere of Kizhi Island.

The disk is also an audio-disk. You can listen to our folk group and chimes of the Kizhi bells on you musical center.

But nothing can be compared to real Kizhi Island that indisposes to perceive the beautiful… So welcome to Kizhi.

The main team

Project curator – Olga Titova

Designer – Inna Kazakova

Programming, musical background – Sergey Bezruchko

Excursion text – Natalia Melnikova

System requirements:

Pentium II 300 Mhz, RAM 64 Mb, Video SVGA True color 800 x 600, CD-ROM 24 speed, Sound card, Windows 95/98/2000, DivX MPEG 4 Codec

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