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Presentation CD-ROM «Ukraine»

Year of production: 2001

Languages: Ukrainian, English


CD-ROM presents Ukraine as a truly modern country in Central Europe. A complete picture of Ukraine can be gained from the various sections of this CD:
"Discover Ukraine" contains general information of geography, history, culture, science, education, industry, and national traditions. This information is supplemented by issues of "Welcome to Ukraine" magazine, which include articles about Ukraine''s past and present history.
"Welcome to Kyiv" presents the one-and-a-half-thousand-year history of Ukraine''s capital city. You will be able to walk down the picturesque streets of Kyiv and discover the architectural sights and various aspects of its modern life. Many architectural sights have been destroyed during Kyiv''s long history.
"The lost temples of Kyiv" presents computer reconstructions of ancient edifices that were destroyed during the twentieth century.
Finally, a definitive image of Ukraine can be had from viewing various artworks and listening to different types of music by Ukrainian artists.
The "Tourism" section lists various information about Ukrainian travel agencies to help you make the most of your visit to our fabulous country.
Ukraine welcomes you!

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System requirements:

- PC - 200 and more,
- RAM - 64 MB and more,
- HDD - free space 100 MB,
- Win 9õ/2000/XP,
- sound card,
- speakers

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