EVA 2002 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
2-7 December 2002

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  • Hemsly James, London
  • Building European & International Relationships & Partnerships: The Role of the EVA Networking Project
  • Topic: International Projects

  • Hook Daria, Saint-Petersburg
  • Effectiveness of Information Technologies for the Humanities
  • Topic: Archaeology

  • Ignatiev Sergey, Moscow
  • Cultural Heritage Information System Monuments of Russia. System Development Aspects.
  • Topic: Information systems; Non-movable Cultural Heritage.

  • Illarionova Natalja, Orel
  • Library - Computer - Internet: Informatization Problems of Public Libraries in Central and East - European Countries
  • Topic: International Projects; Library Information Resources.

  • Ivanov Michael, Moscow
  • Information Supply of Non-movable heritage Monitoring
  • Topic: Non-movable Cultural Heritage

  • Kadochnikova Inga, Zelenogorsk
  • Andrey Pozdeev. Electronic Archive. CD-ROM
  • Topic: Multimedia; Museum Information Resources.

  • Kaleeva Zhanna, Orsk
  • Information Technologies for Formation of Will to Study
  • Topic: Education

  • Kalinina ludmila, Saratov
  • Museum Resource Centre
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources

  • Kandaurova Tatjana, Moscow
  • Prosopography Data Bases for the History of Culture Studies
  • Topic: New Technologies; Knowledge bases.

  • Kanevsky Anatoly, Smolensk
  • Multimedia Cultural Centre of Smolensk Universal Library
  • Topic: Audio, video, photo collections; Library Information Resources.

  • Kapranov Victor, Yaroslavl
  • Fixation and Replaying of the Live Style of the Author as Streamed Content
  • Topic: New Technologies

  • Kapterev Andrei, Moscow
  • Russian Economic Internet-Journal: Main Directions of Development
  • Topic: Education

  • Karelin Vladimir, Minsk
  • Distribution of an Image of Sacred George In old Belorussian Icon-painting
  • Topic: Information systems; Art.

  • Karnaukhov Andrey, Moscow
  • Application Software for Multilanguage Support of Distributed Databases
  • Topic: New Technologies

  • Kastosov Igor, Nizhny Novgorod
  • Inter-regional Portal Ethnography of Volga Region Development
  • Topic: Ethnography, folklore; Information Resources Intergration.

  • Kazakov Vitaly, Novosibirsk
  • Hybrid Documental - Factographic Data Model for Cultural and Educational Information Systems
  • Topic: New Technologies; Archive Information Resources.; Information systems.

  • Khatiuhina Alla, Yaroslavl
  • Multimedia Compact-Disc Devoted to the Monument of Ancient Russian Literature The Tale of the Host of Igor
  • Topic: Cultural information projects; Multimedia.

  • Khrechko Victor, Moscow
  • The History of Architecture in Russia. Data-base for Researchers
  • Topic: Knowledge bases; Cultural information projects.; Archaeology.; History.

  • Khroustaliov Sergey, Moscow
  • Cultural Life of Russian Regions in the Internet
  • Topic: Cultural information projects

  • Kireeva  Galina, Minsk
  • Information Resources of the National Library of Belarus as Basis of the National Retrospective Bibliography Development
  • Topic: Library Information Resources

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