EVA 2002 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
2-7 December 2002

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  • Nazipova Gulchachak, Kazan
  • New Opportunities for Museum Registration Books Preservation and Access
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; New Technologies.; Information systems.; Presenting regions: Tatarstan.

  • Neretin Oleg, Moscow
  • Information Technologies in Culture: Development and Adoption
  • Topic: General Issues; Information Society.; Cultural information projects.

  • Nikitin Alexander, Saint-Petersburg
  • The International Virtual Worlds of Science and Education
  • Topic: Science Heritage; New Technologies.; International Projects.; Education.

  • Nikolaeva Helen, Moscow
  • Virtual Museum of the Moscow Libraries History
  • Topic: History; Library Information Resources.

  • Noll Lev, Moscow
  • ADIT and CIDOC: Stakeholders - Partners in Joint Project
  • Topic: International Projects; Information Society.

  • Novikova Anna, Moscow
  • Propagation of Culture by Means of Mass Communication: Russian History and the Prospects
  • Topic: Information Society; General Issues.

  • Okorokova Nadezhda, Perm
  • Ethno Cinema as Communicative Technology
  • Topic: General Issues; Audio, video, photo collections.; Information Society.

  • Oliferenko Vera, Moscow
  • Data-bases on Cultural heritage of Moscow
  • Topic: Non-movable Cultural Heritage; Architecture.; Cultural information projects.

  • Opara  Vladimir, Moscow
  • Artfor - Creative Group for Pupils and Students
  • Topic: Multimedia; Education.

  • Orlova Galina, Velikij Novgorod
  • Ecological Path of the Town
  • Topic: Education

  • Panukhina Natalia, Moscow
  • Attribution of Official Symbols and Emblems on the Monuments of History and Culture of Empire Russia
  • Topic: Information systems; History.; Knowledge bases.; Museum Information Resources.

  • Patarakin Evgeny, Pereslavl-Zalessky (Yaroslavl region)
  • Nizhny Novgorod Region Shared Space of Hypertext
  • Topic: Information Society; Education.

  • Petrov Viacheslav, Kiev
  • On the Problem of the Sound Cultural Heritage Retaining
  • Topic: New Technologies; Audio, video, photo collections.

  • Plemnek Alexandr , Saint-Petersburg
  • Library Consortia as Necessary Elements of Culture, Science and Education Information Infrastructure
  • Topic: Education; Information Society.; General Issues.; Library Information Resources.; Associations, Public sector.

  • Poliart Claude, Luxembourg
  • Cultural Heritage in Tomorrow's Knowledge Society
  • Topic: International Projects

  • Poluektov Kiryll, Moscow
  • Knowledge Bases on Russian History and Cultural Heritage - from an idea to realisation
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; Knowledge bases.; History.

  • Ponomarenko Valentine, Kiev
  • Computer Programme for Electronic Restoration of Text and Graphics
  • Topic: New Technologies

  • Prohorov Alexey, Moscow
  • Technological Features of the Retroconversion in Projects of the State Archive of Russian Federation
  • Topic: Information systems; Archive Information Resources.

  • Proletkin Igor, Saratov
  • Museum Internet-site
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; Information systems.

  • Repina Tatiana, Minsk
  • Internet and Integration Processes of Byelorussian Folk Inclusion into the World Cultural Environment
  • Topic: Ethnography, folklore; Museum Information Resources.

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