EVA 2002 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
2-7 December 2002

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The Formation of Information Standard at the Participants of the Educational Process

Budnikova Galina
Teacher of history
Astrakhan school for gifted children
Adress: 103, Bezzhonova str., Astrakhan
E-mail: SCHG@yandex.ru


Budnikova Galina Andreevna
The teacher of School for gifted children
Kischeleva Elena Anatolievna
The teacher of Lyceum № 1
103 Bezzhonova Str.
Russia 414018
Tel: (8512) 35-40-77, 35-40-92
E-mail: victory@bignet.ru; SCHG@yandex.ru

The formation of information standard at the participants of the educational process.

One of the main direction of the work with gifted children is to give a person a lot of opportunities in self-evolution with the use of perspective educational technologies where the main part is taken by information one.
The process of entry into the information technologies in modern school is represented by the movement from simple operations to complex ones. And it demands extra efforts from the teacher. The extension of collaboration among schools enriches this process and allows create productive technologies. In 2002 year School for gifted children and Lyceum № 1 in Astrakhan were equipped with computer studies.
Due to this unit an organizing body was formed.
At the first stage it decides the problem of liquidation of teachers’ computer illiteracy. The second stage is the penetration of information technologies into the process of education realizing by this the program of continuous teaching.
This schools having the access to Internet collect material in sights containing information on history and make the collection of references on the history of Astrakhan region.
The use of multimedia production at the lessons offers effective visual aids. Multi-channel influence of sound and visual files forms spatial thinking and allows to get to know cultural heritage of Europe.
Educational and research work is also based on the advantages of multimedia.
The entrance, the simplicity of the search, the opportunity to compare the opinions of classics on different events from critical thinking at school students.
Full participation of Russia in the world information processes is possible with the realization of coordination and giving technological help of untraditional directions in education.

Information Programme Lists Abstracts and Papers Exhibition Catalogue Sponsors Photo Album Russian
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