EVA 2002 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
2-7 December 2002

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Influence of Digital Technologies on the Content of Education at children's Photo Schools and Photographic studios

Voskressenski Alexandre
Boarding school No.101 for deaf children
Adress: Parshina 39, Moscow
Fax: (095) 199-46-87
E-mail: avosj@yandex.ru

Dmitry Koucheruk


Voskressenski Alexandre
Kutsheruk Dmitri
Influence of digital technologies on the contents of education at children''s photoschools and photographic studioes

In the recent past the photographic studios were one of the most popular kinds of additional education of children. They operated practically in each children''s establishment of Russia. Into the program of training in photographic studioes there was included not only questions of the frame composition, a choice of means for transfer with the help of the image certain emotional message (i.e. that it is possible to attribute to art creativity), but also techniques of the photo films and papers treatment.
The offices for treatment of photos are now widely distributed. Process of photographing with the help of modern cameras is as much as possible automated. But children''s educational photographic studioes continue to exist. It testifies that they are a necessary part of system of additional education.
If earlier creation of an art photo demanded laborious work, almost sorcery, in a dark photolaboratory, now the same (and frequently more complicated) art processing of pictures is much fastly and easy carried out with the help of digital methods of processing of images.
In the report the opinion is expressed that programs of training in children''s studios demand updating due to inclusion in them of the sections devoted to digital technologies of processing of images, multimedia means of storage, transfer and demonstration of photoimages. Simultaneously the equipment of children''s photographic studioes demands updating. The significant attention is given to organizational and technical questions of exhibition activity of children''s photographic studioes. The report is accompanied by presentation of the best children''s photoworks - winners of competitions of the Moscow committee of education etc.

Information Programme Lists Abstracts and Papers Exhibition Catalogue Sponsors Photo Album Russian
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