EVA 2003 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
1-5 December 2003

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EVA 2003 Moscow

The Sixth International Conference

EVA 2003 Moscow

Conference, Workshops, Exhibition, Festivals &Cultural Visits
1 5 December
Venue: The State Tretyakov Gallery

Supported by the Ministry of Science and Technologies of Russian Federation
UNESCO Moscow Office

Centre on the Problems of Informatisation in the sphere of Culture of the Ministry of Culture of Russia
(Centre PIC)

The State Tretyakov Gallery
EVA Conferences International

Information for all: Culture and Information Society Technologies

Conference inside:

Information Resources and Technologies for Non-Movable heritage Preservation

Exhibition: Multimedia in Culture, Art & Education

The 8th Festival of Creative Interactive Multimedia Content 2003

Cultural visits: Moscow Museums, Galleries & Libraries

Who Should Attend

The Cultural Sector: Museums, Galleries & Libraries; The Government Sector; International Organisations;

Tourism & Travel Sectors; Media & Related Sectors; Technology & Visual Arts Research; University & Research Organisations;

Education Sector; Hi-Tech Industries, SMEs especially from the Multimedia & Internet sector

Conference Topics:

Russian and International Pragrammes & Projects, International Co-operation;

Presentation of the EC FP6 projects;

Information society technologies in museums, galleries, libraries, archives, contemporary art;

From information society to knowledge society; Technologies, Standards & Meta-Data;

Access to cultural and scientific heritage; New services for citizens; Culture and business;

New technologies for museum and library pedagogic; Distance learning

Workshops and Tutorials:

Integrated Automated Museum Information System "IAMIS" HyperMethod. Distant Learning Technologies
Archaeology & IT IT in Libraries for the blind
October 7-10, 2003

Participation is free of charge

Internet-registration and extra information at www.evarussia.ru/eng

Deadlines: abstracts September, 10; full texts October, 1; exhibitors October 1; participation October 15

Please mind the visa information on the web-site!

For further information and general requests please contact the Organisers:

EVA Conferences International

Tel: + 44 [0] 20 8977 7858
Fax: + 44 [0] 20 8943 9256
Email: jamesrhemsley@cix.co.uk

WEB http://www.vasari.co.uk


#12, Lavroushinsky per.,
109017, Moscow, Russia

WEB http://www.tretyakov.ru


#5, The 5th Magistralnaja ul.
123007, Moscow, Russia
Tel/fax +7 095 940 0284
Email: lku@artinfo.ru

WEB: http://www.evarussia.ru

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