EVA 2002 Москва

Государственная Третьяковская галерея
2-7 декабря 2002

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Internet and Integration Processes of Byelorussian Folk Inclusion into the World Cultural Environment

Repina Tatiana
Art expert
The Belorussian union of masters of national creativity
Adress: 12, Kalinovskogo, Minsk, Belarus
E-mail: repina@belana.by


Gist of the report
1. The Byelorussian folk art bears a unique potential of art traditions. The varying mentality and world outlook of the modern people can keep this significant for world culture heritage without attention.
2. The newest information technologies and the Internet provide a unique opportunity to create virtual on-line museums. In Byelarus the first museum of this type is the Museum of Byelorussian Straw Weaving and Applique “Byelorussian Straw”’ [http://straw.iatp.by].
3. The electronic collection of a museum is permanently resupplied scientific, educational and educational base significant not only for Byelarus, but also for all a Pattern.
4. Last total of creation a museum is driving in Minsk and Grodno with 13 по17 of August, 2002 maiden in a history of the Byelorussian folk art the occurring the Byelorussian Masters with the members of International association the Masters Weaving of Straw.
5. The museum “Byelorussian Straw” is the first existing on-line museum in the developing structure of Belorussian folk art museums. The process of collecting material for museums “Byelorussian Embroidery”, “Byelorussian Painting”, “Vitinanka” is in full swing. Its purpose will be to introduce the world to the unique and little known variety of the Byelorussian art traditions.

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