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Multimedia Information System “Yaroslavl Wallpainting”

Feklisova Juliya
Scientific researcher
Yaroslavl historico-architectural museum-reserve
Adress: 25, Bogoyavlenskaya sq., 150000, Yaroslavl, Russia
Fax: (0852)-73-93-73
E-mail: root@yarmp.yar.ru

Svetlana Blazhevskaya, Alexander Priorov

Содержание :

Multimedia information system was developed by the Yaroslavl Centre of New Information Technologies of the Yaroslavl Demidov State University and Yaroslavl Museum-Preserve of History and Architecture. It is a compact-disc (CD-ROM) containing information about 16-17th-century wallpainting of the eleven Yaroslavl churches.
The disc contains information about wallpainting technique of the Yaroslavl churches and its peculiarities. Besides it contains information about the wallpainting of the main Yaroslavl churches, being built and painted during the three centuries.
For the first time multimedia edition presents such a full glossary of Yaroslavl icon painters. Many subjects of the wallpainting are devoted to different church feasts that is why the disc contains information about the main feasts of the Russian Orthodox Church, including Twelve Feasts of the Church.
The disc presents unique graphical material including more than 700 illustrations. It contains a great number of rare archive pictures, made from the scaffold during the wallpainting restoration in the Yaroslavl churches.
Multimedia video excursions presented in the disc give the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the ancient Russian churches. There were used pictures and video material of the places in the church that are now not available for the audience because of different reasons. Original music written by the Yaroslavl composer Elija Salov for this CD is used as a background.
The content of the disc was prepared by the researchers of the Yaroslavl Museum-Preserve of History and Architecture. The texts are presented in Russian and in English as it was in the previous disc “The Yaroslavl Saviour-Transfiguration Cathedral” also prepared by the same team of authors. It is possible to choose the language while loading the programme.

System requirements to the computer
 Operating system Microsoft Windows 98se, NT4 (SP5), 2000, XP;
 Processor Intel Pentium 133 MHz and faster;
 RAM 32 Mb;
 CD-ROM 8x-speed;
 16-bit sound card;
 mouse;
 PCI/AGP video card with 1 Mb of memory;
 Graphical resolution – 800x600 or higher, 65 536 colours or higher;
 Microsoft Internet Explorer ver.5.0 or newer;
 Microsoft Windows Media Player ver.6.4 or newer;
 Video codec DivX ver.3.11 or newer;
 DivXG400 for subtitles.

You can get more detailed information about this CD and other projects of this team of authors on the site http://www.cnit.uniyar.ac.ru

The CD “Yaroslavl Churches Wallpainting” contains unique material. It can be interesting not only for specialists but also for pupils, students and everybody who loves ancient Russian Art in our country and abroad.

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