EVA 2002 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
2-7 December 2002

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Using the Multimedia Presentation for Attraction Sponsors and Investors

Kononikhin Nikolai
Art Media
Adress: #601, 1, Lomonosova sq., St.-Petersburg, Russia
Fax: (812) 112-64-54
E-mail: prexsys@infopro.spb.su


Multimedia presentation is considered to be a mean for development business links. Instead of publicity and digital catalogues appear multimedia presentations and editions, which presuppose large commercial projects. The sphere of using the multimedia presentations is also enlarged. Today this new informational technology is used not only in business and entertainment industry, but even in public and commercial spheres for attraction sponsors and investors.
The Committee of Public Service for Protection and Using of historical and cultural monuments of Administration of Saint-Petersburg has a great experience in using the multimedia presentations for attraction sponsors and investors. Between 1997 and 2002 by the order of this Committee the "Art Media" company made about 20 multimedia editions, including "The Enumeration of Objects for Attraction the Sponsors Supporting for Restoration and Reconstruction the Objects of Culture of Saint-Petersburg". Among them there are multimedia presentations for the following projects: the Palace of Prince Aleksey, the Sheremetyev Palace, the Summer Residences of Benoise, Yusupov, Samoylova, buildings in Kronschtadt and so on.
Orientation the multimedia presentations toward sponsors and investors was demanded from workers of the Committee and "Art Media" company the creation of methodology of presentation the information, which at high level unites performance and interaction of the multimedia presentation with full and exact information (historical reference, drawings, plans, facades, archive and modern photo fiction), which is necessary for a potential investor for making up a decision of participation in the competition.

Information Programme Lists Abstracts and Papers Exhibition Catalogue Sponsors Photo Album Russian
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