EVA 2002 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
2-7 December 2002

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Ecological Path of the Town

Orlova Galina
Dean of faculty
Novgorod State University
Adress: 2201, ul.St.Petersburgskaya 41, Novgorod the Great, 173003, Russia
Fax: (81622) 2-41-10
E-mail: snn@novsu.ac.ru

Nikolay Semchuk


Ecological Path of the City
Ecology, education, children, educational text-book, internet site

N.N.Semtchouk, E.A.Jurova, L.V.Robezhnik, G.A.Orlova, M.N.Semchuk, A.N.Stolyarova, N.V.Ivanova, E.G.Grishina, A.G.Sennikova, S.Berke

Yarolav-the-Wise Novgorod State University
Address: City of Great Novgorod, 41 Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya street.
Tel., Fax (816 22) 53518
E-mail: “snn”

St. of Olaf College (the USA)

Ecological education proposes a complex of interconnected actions, that in the end allow to form a scientific Weltanschauung. Cognition of native nature - is a very important component of systematic ecological and patriotic education. In comparison with classical ecological path in natural biogeocoenosis, ecological path of the city possesses valuable advantages. First of all - it is the closest geographically which means that it has a high level of access. The ecological path of the city could be visited by hundreds or thousands of young learners. Besides that, it provides the opportunity of acquainting with nature, teaching, and educating children of school and preschool age, without dependence on highly qualified specialists. For this purpose there was published a book, called "Ecological path (arboretum of St. Anthony''s monastery)", which includes description of the path, pictures of the plants that are presented along the path and brief comments to them. With the help of this book, parents who do not have special ecological knowledge, on their own will be able to find on a scheme any plant, show it to their children and tell some useful information about it. Similar information will be placed on an internet site, which will allow to get acquainted with the methods of working with the ecological path. For marking the objects along the ecological path, created in Novgorod the Great, there were used 4 types of information carrier: the object itself (for example the trunk of a tree); decorative stone; wooden post; and asphalt road. On each informational carrier there was painted a circle with a number of an object according to the scheme of ecological path. An informational stand with the scheme of the ecological path and essential comments is situated at the beginning of the path near bus #5 end-stop. On the stand there is a map of the territory, numbers of the ecological objects, and types of informational carriers. The path itself goes by on the territory of St. Anthony''s monastery, along the university buildings and it ends near bus #1 stop on Parkovaya street. The total distance of the route is about 1,5 kilometers.

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