EVA 2002 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
2-7 December 2002

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The International Virtual Worlds of Science and Education

Nikitin Alexander
State Centre of Computer Interactive Simulation
Adress: RUSSIA 190000, St-Petersburg, Bolshaja Morskaja str., 67
E-mail: nike51@rol.ru

M. Ignayiev, A. Nikitin, N. Reshetnikova


The international virtual worlds of a science and education

M.B.Ignatiev, A.A.Nikitin, A.V.Nikitin, N.N.Reshetnikova.

In the report the international projects of State Center of computer interactive simulation and St-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation are considered in the field of creation of the virtual worlds and their use in education, science and culture.

The characteristics and advantages of use of the virtual worlds, technologies and standards of realization, stages of creation, main areas of application, international programs and projects in this area are analyzed.

The purposes, features and stages of realization of the following projects are considered:

1). Virtual worlds of a science and education

The project bases on outcomes of the complex project of St. Petersburg - World: educational and scientific resources of higher and other educational institutions of St.-Petersburg with use of technologies of the virtual worlds (Higher School of St.-Petersburg in Cyberspace) ( together with a number of leading universities of St.-Petersburg; committee on preparation and realization of celebration 300 years of St.-Petersburg).

The purpose of the project - submission of higher educational institutions of St.-Petersburg and foreign universities, connected to them, and also their educational, scientific, cultural and other resources with use of technology of the virtual worlds and delivery to various categories of the users by means of compact discs and Internet.

2). Fundamental and applied researches of the multi-user virtual worlds on experimental equipment (cybernetic bicycle) with including of man sensors and man motions (in cooperation with ZKM Institute for Visual Media, Karlsruhe, Germany; the federal program Integration of a science and high education of Russia for 2002-2006 years ).

3). Virtual worlds technology Aided Learning of Russian as foreign language (in cooperation with the St.-Petersburg state university; the grant of UNESCO).

4). Electronic educational films for a rate on aircraft JAR 66 (in cooperation with Association STAR, France).

In the report the outcomes obtained for want of by financial support RFBR - the grant

01-06-80470 Study of communication opportunities of the computer virtual worlds as metamechanisms of culture.

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