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Russian Folklore in the Internet (RuNet)

Rybakova Larisa


There are very large cultural heritage networks in the Russian Internet (RuNet). For example, the museum network. The same will be the ethnographical network soon. But the folklore network is small now. Besides the contents of this network is very heterogeneous. For the needs of our fast overview of the network contents well use these criteria: region, nation, publisher, folklore materials (archives, investigations, training literature, information).

The North of the European part of Russia is presented best of all. The publishers are: scientific RAS (the Rissian Academy of Sciences) centers, institutes, institute centers, regional servers.

One of the largest RAS centers is the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, its Audio Archive. This site contains compact accurate information on the archive, collection of audio records (including folklore) of many nations of the Russian North, which were created beginning from the 30th years of the 20th century.

The other center is the Komi Research Centre, Ural branch of RAS. Together with the folklore research Centre of the Syktyvkar university they have created folklore-ethnographical encyclopedia. The main contents of this site are investigations.

The Northern folklore is presented by the universities of the Great Novgorod and Arkhangelsk cities. Both sites contain collections of folklore archive materials, research.

There is also a large collection of northern folklore materials at the site of the Propp Center (St. Petersburgs university). The site of the Folklore-ethnographical center (St. Petersburss conservatory) includes mainly information of the centre itself and also a demo version of a folklore-ethnographical CD, published by the centre. Its one more form of folklore presentation in RuNet.

Folklore of the Northern Russia is presented on the servers of the Great Novgorod and Pskov cities as a part of the region culture.

In the Central Russia and in the Volga region folklore is published mostly by universities. Very large archive is placed on the site of the university of Nizhniy Novgorod.

In Tver the site or the regional library demonstrates a rich collection of korellian folklore, made by the local cultural community.

Russian South is presented by the site of the Scientifical-research centre of Russian southern culture (university of Belgorod). The site contains study materials, a small collection of folklore texts, they try to collect folklore over internet.

Siberia has small presence in RuNet. Sites named Traditional Culture contain not only folklore, but also material culture.

One more group of sites acquaint us with different folklorists communities (institute departments, and so on). These sites contain information, investigations. Folklore materials concerning different regions and nations are published.

The other group of sites have been made by amateurs and such sites are often a part of commercial products. If you write the word folklore in any search engine, the most of the sites found will be the sites of this group. They often contain short texts: anecdotes, funny songs and so on.

And at last folklore is presented on the sites of schools and folklore singers sites.

A full catalog of references to folklore-ethnographical materials, published in RuNet can be found on the site Folklore and folklorists of Russia (http://fr.nm.ru).

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