On December 2-5, under the umbrella of the annual Electronic VisualCulture (EVA) conference in Moscow specialists of the Hypermethod Company and Virtual Communications Department of Moscow State University of Cultureand Arts will conduct a mastership seminar "Multimedia technologies inculture and education".

Two groups of participants will be trained at theCenter of New Information Technologies (Branch of the Russian Academy ofEducation) located near metro station Frunzenskaia, Pogodinskaia street 8, room217, 2nd floor AND the Internet Center at the Pedagogical Library named after Ushinsky located near metro station Tretiakovskaia, B. Tolmachevskyper., 3, room 26. Participation is limited.

Registration will continue through November 29th via e-mail: olgashlykova@yandex.ru.

All participants should have basic computer knowledge and be dedicated to study daily from 02.12.2002 to 05.12.2002 (1.00 p.m.-6.00 p.m.).

Each participant will write/create a finalproject, which will be presented during the EVA conference.

Project sponsors include the Hypermethod Company (Moscow)
and the noncommercial organizationProject-Harmony Inc., administrator of the "Internet Access and Training Program"