EVA 2002 Moscow
Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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   Syktyvkar (Komi region)

   Velikij Novgorod



Information Group DOTSMEDIA.RU

Address: p.o. box. 95, Moscow, 109280

Tel.: (095) 705-92-85 . 54156

Fax: (095) 705-92-85 . 54156

e-mail: info@dotsmedia.ru

Internet: www.dotsmedia.ru


The basic task of Information Group DOTSMEDIA.RU - rendering media of support to the cultural and educational projects.

For performance of this task were created

- cultural - information dotsmedia.ru,

- information -educational eduinfo.ru.

News Line of portals prepare on a basis freely of materials and materials given by Children''''s news Agency.

As the Company is engaged in media-support multimedia of the educational program Russian Language for foreigners (Russian for the foreigners), developed Galina Petrova, Internet - support of School of intellectual development of children "Opening" Leonid Bereslavsky (www.bereslavsky.ru)

The director Andrei Tselishev

109280, Moscow, p.o. 95


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