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«Tree of life»: Formation of an ethno-cultural information center in the National Museum of the Komi Republic»

Kotyleva Irina
Deputy Director on Researches
National Museum of the Republic of Komi
Adress: 6, ul. Kommunisticheskaya, Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia
E-mail: nmrk@komitex.ru


The General tendency of the modern epoch is transition from the industrial and informative society to the post-industrial, humanistic, civil society, where an individual is protected by his or her own culture identity.
Since the processes of cultural revival in Russia actually mean simultaneous reintegration of Russian culture with that of the West and t of the East, the dialogue of cultures between the West and the East within the Russian polycultural environment is an actual mission of education. However, a great number of people will not have a chance to participate in the dialogue due to the financial crisis in Russia and the lack of social protection.
Also the importance of the project is caused by the great public interest in discussing different aspects of preservation and development of national cultures. Such situation increases the significance of adequate interpretation of various events of ethnic history by mass media.
Project “Tree of life” is the development of the electronic presentations of the ethnographic data collections from the National Museum of the Republic of Komi and the ethnographic and folklore data collections of the Archives and the Museum of the Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Komi Research center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Syktyvkar State University. The aim of the project is to provide free access to the informsystem (the traditional cultures of the peoples of European North-East of Russia and funds of the finno-ugria museums) for students, teachers, researchers, and culture workers to the database of the new ethnographic museum of National museum of Republic of Komi.
The Рroject proposes realization of the preparatory stage of the project: putting together and systematization of folklore and ethnographic information resources of museums of the Republic of Komi. The informsystem would provide free access to the hypertextual database on the traditional cultures of the peoples of the European North-East of Russia for INTERNET users.

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