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CD-ROM «Shield of Russia. Orthodoxy, army, and navy»

Year of production: 2000

Languages: russian


The Martial history of Russia, its victories and defeats, has been reflected in religious images. An icon, which accompanied a warrior in his marches against an enemy, strengthened his faith in victory, hallowed his weapon, and gave him a high spiritual support. Weapons and armour are relics, which have been covered by glory and singed by the fire of battles. Weapons which a Russian warrior used in the achievement of glory, were blessed by the ministers of the church. Battle feats, courage, and bravery have always been glorified in Russia. The Russian system of rewards arose almost at the same time as the formation of the Russian State.
CD-ROM contains:
exceptional 3D-model of an Orthodoxy template and military glory museum,
virtual visit with the 360 degrees spherical view.
250 images of icons, relics of the church, rewards, weapons and objects for divine service,
30 animations and artistic productions,
40 dynamical of 3-D models of the art objects,
150 min of narration,
45 min of Russian ecclesiastical and classical music,
30 fragments of regiment marches and military signals,
200 pages of text about Russian icons, ecclesiastical customs and holidays,
detailed index,
personal albums,
Internet access.

System requirements:

Processor Pentium 166 and higher
RAM 32 Mb and more
CD ROM drive 2x and higher

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