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Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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CD-ROM «Transformation technology as a process of the crosscultural communication»


Transformation technology as a process of the crosscultural communication Education Scientific Center "History of Science and new educational technologies" of Russian State University for Humanities. This course is due for any humanitarian specialization with the account of it s features. This course uses the new science technology, such as multimedia complex, including different basis, great number of chances of self-constructing the scenario and the alternative estimation of the main themes. The course object is the analysis of the science-techniques-power system with the point of the social historical science. The peculiarity of this course combines the use of methodological and real historical aspects while opening the courses themes. Scientific leaders: Academic Ju. Afanasjev, rector RSUH, Professor Ju. Voronkov, RSUH Concept of system and curatoring of project - Docent S. Kuvshinov ESC "History of Science and new educational technologies", 1998

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