EVA 2001 Moscow
Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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CD «Spatial Models in the Traditional Cultures»


(master disc)

The revelations of archaic times, forgotten or cast aside by reason of a new era, are preserved and resuscitated in the traditional cultures of the East. The basic human notions of the universal order, the passing of time, and the place man occupies in the spatial/temporal continuum show through the later development of philosophical and aesthetic ideas. Recollection of the harmonized world is concealed in our "cultural memory", and the immaculate forms of an artistic object produce a resonance which arouses in us a barely explicable but keenly experienced sensation of congruity. The proposed course enables the student to familiarize him/herself with a diversity of artistic forms from the Oriental art and to discover in the cycle of lectures – in its circular entity – a symbol of entity of different cultures. Each lecture will enumerate the same basic elements of the worldscape forming the foundation of artistic culture – and welcome the viewer to join in the process of comprehension.

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