EVA 2001 Moscow
Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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CD-ROM «ArtNavigator»


The educational complex "Open Museum of Russian State University for Humanities".
The educated system "ArtNavigator. Contemporary Culture and Art". RSUH, 2000.

Thematic portal on CD + creative projection + long distance education + resources for of-line work.

Content of the disc:
1) navigation and collection of links in directions:
-- art history - 20 cent.,
-- world museums - more than 1.500 links,
-- arts theory, philosophy of culture,
-- practice of contemporary arts.
2. Tool for design and analysis contemporary art and curator''s projects that can be used in the practice of long distance education;
3. Presentation of long distance educational technology of Open Museum RSUH.
4. Resources for projects analysis without internet connection.

The thematic navigation system is counted on art lovers, artists, art critics, museum specialists, philosophers and, especially, on young generation of creative intellectuals, because, ArtNavigator fills the absence of contemporary art textbooks.

© Russian State University for Humanities, 2000
© Nikolay Selivanov, 2000

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