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Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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CD-ROM «History ? Mystification ? Reality ?»



“To work with invisible material, that means
to work with human relationships, it is work in
human interactions, work in building new ideas
and in language – that means people understanding
one another, in dialogue; doing all these things in
other more flexible materials than those of the fine
Joseph Beuys.

The CD-ROM by Oksana Chepelyk “History? Mystification? Reality?” is composed of two blocks, found on the author’s performances: “Leader’s Favorite Toys” realized in Banff Center for The Arts in Canada and “Deaf – Mutes Chorus” realized in Kiev in 1998 in order to transmit a certain message. These performances both were the base in creation of video artworks.

The “Leader’s Favorite Toys” video film researches the danger of mass illusions and touches the problem of responsibility at the end of XX century. According to the project conception the moving images (targets) must be shoot. You have to make mouse click getting with the arrow on the moving object and then you may pass to another page. The way is prompted by activating mouse.

The “Deaf – Mutes Chorus” project presents the displacement of senses. The opposition concept of individual and collective is examined. If a gesture of the deaf – mute has the information capacity, the absurdity of collective gesture transforms into existential metaphor. It is like childhood recollection of column marches, white blouses, dark bier and red ties; of ranged mass conscience and submission system.

The project explores personal gesture as a reflection of contemporary culture. It means the identification manner where the provocation is an artistic strategy. The project approaches border situations as influenced by accords and agreements. The video researches personal physical and political boundaries marked by rituals such as the parades, gymnastic pyramids and traditions. The project can be considered as a real reverberation between eternal exile from all colors of the world and belonging. The notion of United Europe sounds as a latest nonsense as it fixes the Europe divided into Western and Eastern. The work with invalids, who are isolated of necessity underlines this idea.

The game with the changing sound. Here if your mouse roll over the video image then puppet sound arises.

Here the performance collides with the exotic or “other forms of syntax”, where the artist’s work may be characterized by a certain lack of tangible development “The Deaf – Mutes Chorus” is the project where the impossibility of choice is shown. It’s built in the way of esthetic, formal and structural evidences of this idea.

Special thanks for the help in this project to:
- Cultural Center of Ukrainian Community of The Deaf - Mutes
- Arts Info – Media Bank Program
- Center for Contemporary Art
- Goethe Institute in Kiev.

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