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CD-ROM «Saratov yesterday and today»

Year of production: 2001

Languages: russiam


CD-ROM contains regional informational resources dedicated to architectural heritage left by famous Saratov architects, such as A.M. Salko, S.A. Kallistratov, V.A. Lukschin, P.M. Zibin, K.L. Mufke, etc.

More than two hundred photographs with Saratov sights from the end of XIX —beginning of XX centuries and the corresponding amount of photographs of the present city, photographed from the same point and the same foreshortening, were used on this CD-ROM. Multimedia technologies, used in this project, provide an opportunity to visually represent the dynamics of city changes in the time period of one and a half centuries. Several memorials, which were completely lost, are reconstructed in three-dimensional graphics on this CD-ROM.

System requirements:

- Pentium 166 MHz or higher
- Windows 95 or later versions
- 32 Mb RAM
- 800x600, High Color
- Sound Adapter
- 8 speed CD-ROM

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