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Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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Digital Museum of Alexander Block in Shakhmatovo

Year of production: 2001

Languages: russian


In student creative workshops of the lectern "Engineer and Machine Graphics" of MIEM is being created a site devoted to Museum of A.Block in Shakhmatovo situated not far from Moscow near Solnechnogorsk. One of the most important questions, which are being solved at the moment, is the preparation of the structure and navigation of the site. Potentiality of student creative workshops makes available offering of new technologies for preparation of the virtual excursion through three-dimensional interiers of museum and use animation effects for animation of the sightseeing service. Besides travelling through the homestead, electronic excursionist can pay his attention at separate exhibits and find out all the details connected with their appearing in the exposition. The Third-Dimension of exhibits requires preparation of substandart solutions at their ZOOMing. Extremely valuable stocks of museum, which are not reachable for usual visitors, are presented in all their fullness, the history of appearing of Block's poems will be known to all of the virtual visitors. Surroundings of Shakhmatovo, where poet walked, may seem interesting by that fact that a lot of famous people lived and were there; for example the neighbourship with Dmitry Mendeleev's family has reflected on his private life. Site makes available the vision of scenery and sights of Shakhmotovo surroundings, diving into environment, in which poet created his glorious compositions. Students of the speciality "Design", who are keen on computer and Internet technologies take part in the work. Information about organization and authors. At the same time during the last three years are being teached the students of speciality 052400 "Design" and specialization "Computer design and Advertisment" on lectern "Engineer and machine graphics". Instructor of the works Verhovskiy Alexander Vladimirovich is the manager of the lectern, doctor of technical sciences, professor. Ahromov Yaroslav Vladimirovich: the bachelor in the field of information technologies, teacher of MGATU of Tsiolkovsky and of MIEM, creator of the sites and multimedia tutorial of German language. Tel: 235-21-09, E-mail: iimg@miem.edu.ru, Danilchenko Olga Vladimirovna: teacher of MIEM, designer of the advertising-creating group ⌠Printec■. Tel: 235-21-09, E-mail: printec@rinet.ru, E-mail: iimg@miem.edu.ru, Misochnik Svetlana Mihailovna: principal of the State Historical-Literary and Natural Museum-Reservation of A.A.Block (Shakhmatovo). Tel: 994-04-67 Tobotras Vsevolod Borisovich: teacher of MIEM, photograph, author of the main photo-materials about the museum of A.A.Block in Shakhmatovo. Tel: 235-21-09, E-mail: iimg@miem.edu.ru. Sidorov Boris Fyodorovich is a student of MIEM, leader of the group of creators of the site "Block Museum in Shakhmatovo". Tel./Fax - (095) 235-21-09 E-mail - iimg@miem.edu.ru Information about works of the lectern you can find here: http://www.design.miem.edu.ru

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