EVA 2001 Moscow
Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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CD «The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia»



The Museum of Contemporary History of Russia is the largest museum establishment in the world devoted to New History. It was started as far back as in March 1917 when Russia had overthrown monarchy. Presently the Museum collection numbers more then 2 million plus items reflecting the most crucial moments and events that have shaped Russian society and State during the last one and a half century.
The Museum is situated in the centre of Moscow City in Tverskaya street. Its building is an architectural monument of Russian classicism of the end of 18-th century. It is one of the most splendid buildings of Moscow. Some interiors have come unchanged till our days and the same goes to the impressive stone lions on the gateway posts – a visiting card of the Museum.
The Museum exposition has on display the reign of the last three Russian emperors, political career of the statesmen and Party leaders, history and ideology of different political parties and public movements, life and work of well-known scientists and cultural figures; everyday life and customs of people are broadly presented.
The Museum collection is continually being increased to show the latest events in Russian history.
Unique original documents, rare photographs, works of art and ornamental-vernacular articles, banners and flags, decorations (orders and medals), books and newspapers, autographs and personal effects of prominent statesmen and political figures, arms of famous military commanders and typical householder things are displayed in the museums halls.
Of especial interest is that part of the Museum where rare dedicated works of vernacular arts, articles of craftsmen, presents to the State leaders are on display.
About half a million visitors come to the Museum annually. There are elective studies and lecture-reading service run by the Museum. The total number of topics, together with the list of excursions, exceeds 100 titles. Concerts of classic music are regularly held in the Museum.
The visitors can refresh themselves in the Museum cafe and buy souvenirs in the Museum shop.

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