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CD-ROM «Russian Academy of Fine Arts. XX Century. 100 Masters»

Year of production: 2000

Languages: russian


The Research Institute of History and Theory of Fine Arts in partnership with National Fund of Intellectial Research presents the first CDRom on the most known pieces of Russian fine arts - "Russian Academy of Fine Arts. XX Century. 100 Masters."
Russian Academy of Fine Arts has passed the complicated, discrepant and partly - instructive way during the XX century. It''s most visible historical result is proffesional development of many brilliant, original art persons. Their creative work have not only investigated the new potentialities of fine arts, but also lead the contemporary Russian art to the new valuable level.
CD-ROM presents more than 100 articles on the members of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, about 1000 visual images of their art pieces, searching system, musical accompaniment.
This CD-ROM is rewarded by Diploma of Russian Academy of Fine Arts 2000.

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