EVA 2001 Moscow
Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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Pale Blue Illumination for Television and Computer Displays as a means of Visual Fatigue Reduction


Abstract.It is proposed to use blue - pale blue adapting illumination around display for decreasing visual fatigue and improving visual comfort. Passive part of the display becomes active înå. When viewing an electronic image îï à screen of TV set îã à computer over à long period of time an abruptly reduced focused and inverted image is formed in the viewer''s (user''s) eyes îï the retina in the region of its central fovea. Since usual viewing condition proceeds in static mode (usual pronounced åóå movements àãå lacking and the viewer himself is actually motionless), pãolonged local stimulation of this region of åóå retina occurs which inavitabIy results in overexcitation of the àãåà and consequently in visual fatigue of the viewer. It is important to note that prolonged exposure of à local àãåà of åóå retina to the light of sufficient intensity inavitabIy leads to the increased decay of photosensitive pigments in photoreceptors and its regeneration (recovery) is usually occurs in the dark.

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