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CD-ROM «Regicide of Paul I on 11 March 1801»

Year of production: 2001



This disc marks the two hundredth anniversary of the murder of Emperor Paul I of Russia (1796—1801) at St Michael’s Castle – the last in a long line of palace coups in Russia. The CD employs diverse historical and artistic materials to trace the history of Paul’s life – from the murder of his own father Peter III in 1762, the accession of his mother, Catherine the Great, and Paul’s own tragic murder after only five years on the throne. The aim is to recreate an historically authentic image of the monarch, the dramatic circumstances surrounding the formation of his character and views, a balanced analysis of his proposed reforms and the true events of his short reign. Part of the computer department of the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg, the Russian Museum Multimedia Centre was formed in 1995, with help from Apple Computers. The aims of the centre include the creation of educational programmes on the history of art for children and adults, material for the information booths for visitors (such programmes as History of the Creation of the Palaces of the Russian Museum and Leading Exhibitions at the Russian Museum 1995—2000), CDs accompanying major museum exhibitions and web versions of museum exhibitions. The History of the Creation of the Palaces of the Russian Museum disc was an important part of the Hundred Years of the Russian Museum CD, designed in collaboration with the March computer studio. The Russian Museum Multimedia Centre has created fifteen CDs accompanying various temporary museum exhibitions. Titles include The World of Art, Kazimir Malevich in the Russian Museum, Impressionism in Russia, Jesus Christ in Christian Art (14th—20th Centuries), monographic discs on such artists as Karl Brullov and Hovhannes Aivazovsky, Regicide of Paul I on 11 March 1801 and Russian Portraiture: XX Century. tel: (812) 315-43-12
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