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CD-ROM «The Centenary of the State Russian Museum»

Year of production: 2000

Languages: russian, english


In March 1998 the centenary of the State Russian Museum – the first state museum of Russia containing the national art collection – was celebrated. On the Russian Museum order, the informational system was developed in close cooperation with the museum staff towards the anniversary. It was placed in the Mikhailovsky Palace and is still available for the visitors. The CD-ROM was also created. Along with representing the outstanding works of national painting, graphics and sculpture, which is traditional for museum disks, it communicates the history of the museum and its collections and shows the palaces belonging to the united museum complex. “ Masterpieces”, “The Mikhailovsky Palace”, “The Marble Palace”, “The Stroganov Palace”, “The St.Michael’s Castle”, “History in Photographs” and “Jubilee Celebrations” are the principal sections of the program offered. Unlike the earlier produced disks about the Russian Museum that usually provide either a general overview or describe one specific museum topic, the CD-ROM, in the museum staff opinion, has the advantage of full representation of the Museum taken as a whole.

System requirements:

Pentium or higher processor, Windows 95/98 32 Mb RAM, 8xCD-ROM Screen resolution: 800x600, 16 bit color Sound card recommended

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