EVA 2001 Moscow
Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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CD-ROM «Virtual Excursions»

Year of production: 2000

Languages: english


The multimedia program “The History of the Construction of The Peter and Paul Fortress” traces the formation of its stunning architectural complex and offers the viewer a unique opportunity to follow every stage in the building of this remarkable military fortification. The excursion “The History of Printing in Russia” both narrates and illustrates the birth and development of book printing in Western Europe and Russia. It will also acquaints the viewer with ancient printing techniques like wood-cutting, etching, lithography. The CD-ROM contains reproductions of works of art of the 18-20th centuries, video clips, animation, and sound accompaniment. These virtual excursions are intended for anyone who is interested in Russian history.

System requirements:

Pentium, 32 Mb RAM, 16xCD-ROM Color depth: 16 bit/pixel Windows 95/98/NT/2000

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