EVA 2001 Moscow
Exhibition "Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education"

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   Velikij Novgorod


Russian National Multimedia Center

Address: 3, Bolshoy Triokhsvyatitelsky per., 109028, Moscow, Russia

Tel.: (095) 917-23-37

Fax: (095) 917-37-55

e-mail: mmedia@rnmc.ru

Internet: http://www.rnmc.ru


Russian National Multimedia Center (RNMC) – is the state Education Ministry specialized organization (RF).
RNMC main areas of work:
- Development and Publishing of Multimedia CD/DVD
- Interactive TV Broadcasting
- Internet Multimedia Technologies
- Federal Expertise of Multimedia Titles

The RNMC type of activity is also implying a development and production of presentational and educational CD-ROMs; electronic visit cards created using Optical-CARD/Magic – CARD; multimedia products testing as well as web-sites development and design.

In 1998 a Republic Multimedia Center, according to the analysis rating results by Dator “Top100’98” was recognized to be one of the most professional companies in Russia in a field of entertaining- acknowledgeable computer products development
In year 2000 the Republic Multimedia Center was chosen to be a fellow of the Russian Academy of the Natural Sciences.


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