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Intersoft Media

Address: 12, bld.45, Krasnokazarmennaya str., 111250, Moscow, Russia

Tel.: (095) 361 9816, 361-9655

Fax: (095) 361 9816

e-mail: intersoft@intersoft.ru

Internet: http://www.intersoft.ru


Intersoft Inc. was founded in 1989 as a Soviet-American Joint Venture by Software Products International (San Diego, California, USA) and the Institute of Informatics Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPIRAN). The Intersoft Joint Venture was the first company which localized for the Russian market a well-known US software product - the SPI flagship, Open Access. Since 1992 Intersoft has been involved in multimedia applications in Fine Arts. Its first product "Lavra" was dedicated to a most respected Russian Monastery - The Holy Trinity Saint Sergius Monastery. "Lavra" contains more than one hundred-high quality color images of icons, jewelry, architecture, and maps with related texts, in both Russian and English. "Lavra" was followed by five titles from the "Hermitage" series - unique computer tours through the greatest Museum in the world. Intersoft is authorized to use art from the Hermitage collections and creates its titles in cooperation with the museum art experts. Floppies and CD ROM versions of Lavra and The Hermitage computer tours are distributed by Intersoft and its partners in Russia, USA, Canada, Japan and European countries. In December 1994, Intersoft presented its first full multimedia Windows CD-ROM title "Treasures of Russia. Introduction to Russian Art. X-XX centuries". This title contains 260 high- quality color images and more than 500 related articles written by Iskusstvo Publishers, renowned art experts, plus thousands of hyper links, maps, timelines, more than 40 minutes of Russian classical music and video. All this is a unique survey of Russian arts from the late 10th century to the early 20th century. The CD-ROM "Treasures of Russia" was nominated as BYTE finalist in Multimedia Software at CeBIT-95. Intersoft’s second full multimedia CD-ROM “The Hermitage. Art Treasures Tour” was presented in September 1995. It contains 333 high quality color images, 650 essays written by the Hermitage art experts, maps and timeline, thousands of hyper links, 15 minutes of video, 30 minutes of P. Tchaikovsky‘s and S. Rachmaninoff‘s music and 45 minutes of narrated guided tours. This CD-ROM received "The Family Channel Seal of Quality" by International Family Entertainment, Inc. (USA). In April 1997 Intersoft presented a new multimedia compact disk "Non-Conformists. New Russian Art", and in May 1997 - "Alexander and Napoleon. The Story of Two Emperors". The CD-ROM "Non-Conformists. New Russian Art" explores the "unofficial" Soviet art of the 50s to 80s period. It contains 219 reproductions of works by 62 artists, biographies, studio photos, around 200 articles as well as a picture gallery and timeline, 44 narrated compositions and music. This CD-ROM was awarded the First prize at the festival "Multimedia CD-ROM. Spring-97" during the Anigraf-97 computer graphics show. Russia’s first feature CD-ROM “Alexander and Napoleon. The Story of Two Emperors” brings to you the dramatic contest between the two principal characters with virtually all of Europe as a background. The disk includes 88 narrated subject features lasting over 3 hours, 200 reproductions of prints, drawings and paintings, over 300 explanatory notes, timeline, animated re-enactments of four major battles and music by Piotr Tchaikovsky. In April 1998 another CD-ROM devoted to the State Hermitage art collections was issued. “The Hermitage. The Art of Western Europe.” Included are 310 art works of European masters, which are of great worldwide significance and are the Hermitage Museum’s pride, with text materials, musical accompaniment and narration. The viewer can the history of the development of the western schools of art, with biographies of the masters and their masterpieces and perform virtual tours through the rooms where the masterpieces are placed. The latest Hermitage CD ROM - “The Hermitage Museum” was co-produced and co-published by Intersoft, Montparnasse Multimedia (France) and Reunion des Musees Nationaux (France) with participation of the State Hermitage Museum. This CD ROM replaces on the market Intersoft’s older title: “The Hermitage. Art Treasures Tour”. The French version was introduced in Paris in October 1998. In June 1999 the Russian version under the name “The Hermitage. History, Palaces, Collections” was printed for distribution on the Russian market. A virtual visit, created on the base of a unique technology of photography, produces the effect of actual presence in the Hermitage palaces. This CD-ROM allows allows the veiwer to understand the history of the Hermitage and its creation and development, with the most significant masterpieces of Ancient, Scythian and Greek, Oriental, Antique, Russian and West European art. In May 2000 the “Shield of Russia. Orthodoxy, army, navy” was developed. The exceptional 3D model of an Orthodox temple and military glory museum, virtual visit the 360 degrees spherical view, 250 images of icons, relics of the church, rewards, weapons and objects for divine service, 30 animations and artistic productions, 40 dynamical of 3-D models of the art objects, 150 min of narration, 45 min of Russian ecclesiastical and classical music, 30 fragments of regiment marches and military signals, 200 pages of text about Russian icons, ecclesiastical customs and holidays are presented in the title. Creation of personal albums and Internet access is provided. In July 2000 first Russian museum DVD ROM devoted to the State Hermitage Museum was issued. It contains a 30 min. movie about the palaces of the Hermitage as well as 310 works by the great European masters, which the source of the Hermitage pride. The core of the Hermitage collection is presented in an artistic manner providing a unique opportunity to study the art of Western Europe in the period from the 12th to the 20th centuries. Intersoft's strategy is the development of high quality multimedia titles, based on unique cultural and historical material. All Intersoft titles are developed by the team of Art Experts, Artists, Musicians, Programmers, Video and Sound Engineers, Actors, Translators, Editors and others. Intersoft also provides a variety of services in graphics and Web design, multimedia applications development and consulting.


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