EVA 2003 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
1-5 December 2003

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  • De Polo Andrea, Florence
  • Global Art on Demand Initiative
  • Topic: International Projects; Art.

  • Torshina Lyudmila, Saint-Petersburg
  • Illustrated Digital History of the State Hermitage Museum: Concept and Practice of the Project Realization
  • Topic: Multimedia; Museum Information Resources.; Art.

  • Sundieva Anneta, Moscow
  • Military History Museums of Russia in the Museum Encyclopaedia of Russia Internet - version
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; History.

  • Hemsley James, Cambridge
  • 3D and Archaeology--R & D Issues
  • Topic: New Technologies; Archaeology.; International Projects.

  • Morganti Barbara, Moscow
  • A consortium of 5 important Russian Libraries for integrated access to their electronic resources
  • Topic: Library Information Resources; Information Resources Intergration.

  • Smaznova Maria, Moscow
  • A Museum and Commercials. Ways of Convergence
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; Information Society.

  • Proletkin Igor, Saratov
  • ABC ... of the Contemporary Information Space
  • Topic: Information Society

  • Perevalov Valery, Moscow
  • About necessity of construction of an information policy for sphere of culture
  • Topic: Legal issues; General Issues.; Information Society.

  • Smith Bernard, Luxembourg
  • Activities and Research for Cultural Heritage in the European Union
  • Topic: General Issues; Information Society.; International Projects.

  • Bykova Julia, Moscow
  • Actual Problems of Common Digital Dictionaries Development: Thesauri of Moscow Kremlin Museums Data Dases
  • Topic: Standards and meta data

  • Maslov Alexey, Moscow
  • American Express Charity Activities in Russian
  • Topic: General Issues

  • Kotikov Vajcheslav, Moscow
  • Ancient Civilizations Artefacts in Classification Cube of Knowledge
  • Topic: History; Knowledge bases.

  • Kastosov Igor, Nizhny Novgorod
  • Architecture and Technologies of the Integrated System Nizhny Novgorod Ethnography
  • Topic: Cultural information projects; Ethnography, folklore.; New Technologies.; Information systems.

  • Petrov Leonid, Saint-Petersburg
  • Architecture of the Intergrated Automated Information Sysytem KAISA
  • Topic: Non-movable Cultural Heritage; Information systems.

  • Turina Lina, Murom (Vladimir Region)
  • Automated Systems for Inventory-Making of the Murom Museum Reserves - Theory and Practice
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; Information systems.

  • Kotova Tatjana, Saint-Petersburg
  • Bibliography Data Bases Russian Poets. Soviet Period
  • Topic: Library Information Resources; Information systems.

  • Nasedkin Kiryll, Moscow
  • CALIMERA. Local Institutions Mediating Electronic Resource Access
  • Topic: Information Society; General Issues.; Cultural information projects.; International Projects.

  • Martynovich Nicolay, Krasnoyarsk
  • CD-katalogues in Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum. The First Experience
  • Topic: Multimedia; Museum Information Resources.

  • Mustafina Irina, Moscow
  • Center LIBNET: Information Resources Development
  • Topic: Library Information Resources; Information Resources Intergration.

  • Velikanov Andrey, Moscow
  • Climax of Culture and Technology of Epiphytes Exchange
  • Topic: Contemporary Art; Information Society.

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