EVA 2002 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
2-7 December 2002

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  • Sundieva Anneta, Moscow
  • Internet-presentation of Russian Museum Encyclopaedia Pilot Version
  • Topic: Information Resources Intergration; Museum Information Resources.

  • Kastosov Igor, Nizhny Novgorod
  • Inter-regional Portal Ethnography of Volga Region Development
  • Topic: Ethnography, folklore; Information Resources Intergration.

  • Zinkina Natalja, Kazan
  • Kazan University Museums and the Internet
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; Presenting regions: Tatarstan.

  • Turina Lina, Murom (Vladimir Region)
  • Kids branches on the Sites of Murom Museum of History and Art and Co-operation of the Low Oka Museums
  • Topic: Education; Museum Information Resources.

  • Poluektov Kiryll, Moscow
  • Knowledge Bases on Russian History and Cultural Heritage - from an idea to realisation
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; Knowledge bases.; History.

  • Illarionova Natalja, Orel
  • Library - Computer - Internet: Informatization Problems of Public Libraries in Central and East - European Countries
  • Topic: International Projects; Library Information Resources.

  • Plemnek Alexandr , Saint-Petersburg
  • Library Consortia as Necessary Elements of Culture, Science and Education Information Infrastructure
  • Topic: Education; Information Society.; General Issues.; Library Information Resources.; Associations, Public sector.

  • Martynenko Nataliya, Kharkov
  • Main Tasks of Human Qualities Formation in the Elective Course CONTEMPORARY CIVILIZATION AND CULTURE
  • Topic: Education

  • Visly Alexander, Moscow
  • Manifesto on Preservation of Document Electronic Copies on the Internet
  • Topic: Information Society; Legal issues.

  • Sviestina Inese , Riga
  • Metamorphosis of Power in the Second Half of the XX century (or the Importance of Modern Technologies as one of the Manifestation of Power in the New Information Society)
  • Topic: General Issues; Information Society.

  • Emeliyanov Alexey, Moscow
  • Methodology of Historical and Cultural Evaluation of a Historical City Territory
  • Topic: Non-movable Cultural Heritage; New Technologies.

  • Khatiuhina Alla, Yaroslavl
  • Multimedia Compact-Disc Devoted to the Monument of Ancient Russian Literature The Tale of the Host of Igor
  • Topic: Cultural information projects; Multimedia.

  • Kanevsky Anatoly, Smolensk
  • Multimedia Cultural Centre of Smolensk Universal Library
  • Topic: Audio, video, photo collections; Library Information Resources.

  • Morozov Dmitry, Yaroslavl
  • Multimedia Electronic Editions
  • Topic: Non-movable Cultural Heritage; Museum Information Resources.; Multimedia.

  • Feklisova Juliya, Yaroslavl
  • Multimedia Information System Yaroslavl Wallpainting
  • Topic: Multimedia; Non-movable Cultural Heritage.

  • Yunusova Gyzel, Kazan
  • Multimedia Program on Tatar Musical Folklore
  • Topic: Audio, video, photo collections; Presenting regions: Tatarstan.

  • Yermolayev  Igor , Kazan
  • Multimedia Project Ancient Kazan
  • Topic: Presenting regions: Tatarstan; History.; Multimedia.

  • Gainullina Farida, Kazan
  • Multimedia Project Dedicated to Millennium of Kazan Kazan 1005-2005
  • Topic: History; Multimedia.; Presenting regions: Tatarstan.

  • Latyshev Oleg, Moscow
  • Multimedia Resources in Education of Orphans
  • Topic: Multimedia; Education.

  • Bogomazova Tatyana, Saint-Petersburg
  • Museum as a Brand
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources

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