EVA 2002 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
2-7 December 2002

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  • Karelin Vladimir, Minsk
  • Distribution of an Image of Sacred George In old Belorussian Icon-painting
  • Topic: Information systems; Art.

  • Orlova Galina, Velikij Novgorod
  • Ecological Path of the Town
  • Topic: Education

  • Veltman Kim, Maastricht
  • E-Culture Net: European Network of Centres of Excellence for Research and Education in Digital Culture.
  • Topic: Knowledge bases; Standards and meta data.; International Projects.; Information Society.; General Issues.; Cultural information projects.; Information Resources Intergration.

  • Borisov Nikolay, Saint-Petersburg
  • Education of Specialists in Information Science for Arts and Humanities in Saint-Petersburg State University
  • Topic: Education; Information Society.

  • Tarasova Olga, Kharkov
  • Education Paradigms and Information Culture
  • Topic: Education; Information Society.

  • Malykh Tamara, Moscow
  • Educational Digital Resources for School – Reality and Perspectives
  • Topic: Education

  • Shlykova Olga, Moscow
  • Educational Internet-Resources of Russia
  • Topic: Education

  • Hook Daria, Saint-Petersburg
  • Effectiveness of Information Technologies for the Humanities
  • Topic: Archaeology

  • Zvereva Marina, Kaluga
  • Elaboration of the Electronic Information Space of Kaluga Regional Art Museum
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; New Technologies.; Information systems.

  • Okorokova Nadezhda, Perm
  • Ethno Cinema as Communicative Technology
  • Topic: General Issues; Audio, video, photo collections.; Information Society.

  • Ustinova Olga, Saint-Petersburg
  • EU Project PULMAN-XT
  • Topic: Library Information Resources; Information Society.

  • Mozharovskaya Tatyana, Kiev
  • Experience of Information Technologies Usage in Museum Practice on an Example of the CD «The Treasures of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra»
  • Topic: Multimedia; Museum Information Resources.

  • Morganti Barbara, Rome
  • Experimenting Innovative Modes of Access to Cultural Content: Small-scale Trial Projects with a Great Potential
  • Topic: General Issues; Information Society.; International Projects.

  • Meerov Kirill, Moscow
  • Facsimile Copies of Museum Subjects, as Technological Product SHM SDB.
  • Topic: New Technologies; Museum Information Resources.

  • Barenburg Mark, Moscow
  • Federal Programme «Russian Culture (2001-2005)» on the Internet
  • Topic: General Issues; Cultural information projects.

  • Vilkov Anatoliy, Moscow
  • Federal Register of Cultural Heritage
  • Topic: Information Resources Intergration; General Issues.

  • Kapranov Victor, Yaroslavl
  • Fixation and Replaying of the Live Style of the Author as Streamed Content
  • Topic: New Technologies

  • Morozkina Ludmila, Moscow
  • Formation of Museum Informational Resources
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; New Technologies.

  • Galustian Galina, Moscow
  • From Collection Management System Museum - 2 to Museum - 3
  • Topic: Information systems; Museum Information Resources.

  • Kudashev Efim, Moscow
  • From Electronic Collections of Satellite Information to Electronic Libraries of Airocosmic Monitoring
  • Topic: Science Heritage; New Technologies.

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