EVA 2002 Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery
2-7 December 2002

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  • Korobicin Alfred, Moscow
  • Collection Management System Museum-3
  • Topic: Information systems; Museum Information Resources.

  • Ponomarenko Valentine, Kiev
  • Computer Programme for Electronic Restoration of Text and Graphics
  • Topic: New Technologies

  • Velikanova Julia, Moscow
  • Contemporary Architecture as a Message
  • Topic: Contemporary Art; Architecture.

  • Gruzdev Maxim, Moscow
  • Contemporary Internet Technologies and Design
  • Topic: New Technologies

  • Tolpanov Vasiliy, Moscow
  • Contemporary Technologies in Libraries
  • Topic: Library Information Resources; New Technologies.

  • Naumov Victor, Saint-Petersburg
  • Copyright Protection in Information Society: Actual Organization-legal Problems and Ways of their Decision
  • Topic: Information Society; Legal issues.

  • Litvinova Natalia, Moscow
  • Creation of a Portal for Russian Humanitarian Journals Available via the Internet on the Russian State Library Server
  • Topic: Library Information Resources

  • Zinkina Natalja, Kazan
  • Creation of an Electronic Database and Web-server Herbarium and Collections of the Botanical Museum of the Kazan University
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources; Standards and meta data.; Science Heritage.; Presenting regions: Tatarstan.

  • Nasedkin Kirill, Moscow
  • Cultivate-Russia Project
  • Topic: International Projects

  • Glagolev Maxim, Tula
  • Cultural Heritage and Personality in Information Society: tendencies of communication
  • Topic: General Issues

  • Poliart Claude, Luxembourg
  • Cultural Heritage in Tomorrow's Knowledge Society
  • Topic: International Projects

  • Ignatiev Sergey, Moscow
  • Cultural Heritage Information System Monuments of Russia. System Development Aspects.
  • Topic: Information systems; Non-movable Cultural Heritage.

  • Khroustaliov Sergey, Moscow
  • Cultural Life of Russian Regions in the Internet
  • Topic: Cultural information projects

  • Chebanov Vadim, Moscow
  • Culture and Business - Active Partnership
  • Topic: Information Society

  • Morbey Mary Leigh , Toronto
  • Cybercolonialism in the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia: Does it Matter?
  • Topic: Information Society; General Issues.; International Projects.; Museum Information Resources.

  • Oliferenko Vera, Moscow
  • Data-bases on Cultural heritage of Moscow
  • Topic: Non-movable Cultural Heritage; Architecture.; Cultural information projects.

  • Loshak Yuri, Saint-Petersburg
  • Development of a Museum Electronic Exposition Integrated with Data Base Adjusted to KAMIS 2000 Collections Management Solution
  • Topic: Information systems; Museum Information Resources.

  • Shpak Maria, Saratov
  • Digital Information Bulletin as an Instrument of Museum Communication
  • Topic: Museum Information Resources

  • Semenyuta Alexander, Moscow
  • Digital Methods of Photo Recovery
  • Topic: Audio, video, photo collections; New Technologies.

  • Belokon'' Elena, Moscow
  • Digital Preservation of Unique Written Documents in Russian State Archive of Anciant Acts

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